Your 28-day allergy freedom plan.

Natural allergy prevention that works!

Finally, you can put an end to annoying allergy symptoms — in just 28 days! Here’s how.

Dr. Psenka’s research reveals groundbreaking evidence that the secret to ending allergies is to stop inflammation occurring in your body. It’s inflammation that causes your allergies and symptoms. Treat the inflammation and stop it from returning and your allergies will no longer plague you.

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With an easy-to-follow, 4-step program over 4 weeks, Dr. Psenka’s Seasonal Allergy Solution was specifically designed to treat your allergies in an enjoyable way that enhances your lifestyle and doesn’t restrict you.

Week 1

Enjoy rapid symptom relief as you easily allergy-proof your home. We spend the majority of our time indoors, so follow this plan to make your environment as pure and allergen-free as possible.

• Discover 4 natural ways to repel allergy-triggering dust mites and 8 ways to prevent other allergy-causing pests.

• Get 10 of Mother Nature’s most effective air-purifying, oxygen-pumping houseplants to help transform your home into an allergen-free zone.

• Plus how to minimize your exposure to environmental toxins, from household chemicals to paints and glues, why shoes should be left at the door, and much, much more. See page 237.

Week 2

Kickstart long-term allergy immunity by easily identifying and controlling your personal allergy risk factors.

• Fortify your body with Dr. Psenka’s delicious, nutritious antiallergy diet plan, including the 11 antiallergy superfoods. Discover how onions, oranges, and tangerines can ease hay fever symptoms. Learn how to use pineapple to open up your sinuses to let you breathe easily. Plus, stop feeling guilty about eating chocolate … see page 153 to discover chocolate’s antiallergen secret!

• Exercise allergy symptoms right out of your body, even if you have asthma, with these 12 exercise tips and yoga poses specifically designed for asthma and allergies. See page 220.

Week 3

Fortify your body with everyday antiallergy herbs and supplements. Whatever level of discomfort and symptoms your allergies bring, Dr. Psenka has you covered. Discover:

• The two critical allergy-beating supplements to take at the beginning of allergy season: what they are, why you need them, how to get them, and how to take them. See page 242.

• Dr. Psenka’s 8 everyday antiallergy herbs for those with more severe symptoms. Did you know that green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, which fights allergy symptoms such as a runny nose and sneezing? This one resource alone could be the end of your allergy symptoms. See page 243.

Week 4

Live allergy-free! If you have a number of allergies, or if your allergies are particularly stubborn, in addition to following the lifestyle recommendations of Weeks 1 through 3, you can kick things up a notch with:

• 12 laser-targeted natural supplements shown to combat stubborn allergies, from bromelain’s allergy-shielding properties to pycnogenol and vitamin E for treating and preventing asthma. See page 245.

• 23 homeopathic remedies that help wipe out acute allergy symptoms like asthma, watery eyes, rhinitis, swelling, plugged ears, and more … FAST! See page 247.

Prevent allergies from happening and control their symptoms naturally!

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